Student Council


Here are the students who will serve as Student Council representatives for the first semester.  At LT, we elect new members for each semester to allow more students the opportunity to develop leadership skills.  Congratulations to these awesome students on being selected by their peers as leaders in their classrooms!  

Grade 3: Adele Harper, Parker Ward, Everley Davis, Connor Sitzman
Grade 4: Kennedy Bradley, Myles Litherland, Hadley Peter, Easton Greulich
Grade 5: Kate Harney, Ashton Dailey, Violet Vinson, Samuel Oberhausen
Grade 6: Leah Brentlinger, Chase Buse, Kynlee Nord, Max Collins

Student Council members help our building in a lot of ways. They help run our school bookstore which raises funds to help purchase items for the school. They also help maintain our two courtyards which were recently cleaned out and are a safe place for students!