Welcome to Lincoln Trail Elementary School

Welcome to Lincoln Trail Elementary, a school within the North Spencer County School Corporation!  We serve students in Preschool through Grade 6.  Our website features the latest web and eLearning platform to provide students, parents, and teachers with the best tools for success.

Our mission statement outlines what we hope to accomplish each and every day with our students: Inspire, Challenge, Achieve, Nurture.  These are more than just words, they are the desired objectives of all learning and to these, we commit our resources.

Take a minute to learn about school by exploring the website and following us on twitter @Lincoln_Trail.  We are updating/adding things to our website every week, so be sure and check in regularly.  Connected families are informed families! 

What's Happening

Lincoln Trail will once again honor our grandparents and our veterans with a special program on Tuesday, November  13, 2018.  Grandparents are more than welcome to join us for lunch!  That’s right, you may come have an excellent lunch of hamburger or cheeseburger, potato chips, fruit and cookie with your grandchildren.   Coffee will be available as well. The cost of the meal will be $4.00 for adults and $2.10 for visiting children under 10 (who are not students of Lincoln Trail).   The number of reservations we get for lunch will determine what time you will eat with your grandchild. Notification will be sent home with your grandchild closer to November 13th to tell you what time you will have lunch.

Following lunch, you are welcome to go outside to recess with your grandchild.   Once recess is over, you may wish to visit the classroom until the program begins.  You can also wait in the art room where coffee and cookies will be available.

The meal is to be paid for in advance   When you arrive, we ask that you wait in the north or south hallway for your grandchild’s class to come through.   If you have more than one grandchild at school, arrangements can be made for everyone to eat together. Please send the completed form below back to school with your lunch money by Friday, October 19, 2018.


Due to limited space, Preschool is having their own Grandparent’s Day on November 20, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.   Information will be sent home by Preschool teachers.

NOTE TO PARENTS:   If your child goes home with the grandparents following the program, they must have a note from you.


Number of grandparents eating lunch on Tuesday, November 13, 2018___________

Amount enclosed: ___________________________($4.00 for adults $2.10 for children under 10).

                          (Non Refundable)

Students you wish to eat with:

Student Name:________________________  Teacher: ________

Student Name:________________________  Teacher: ________

Student Name: _______________________   Teacher: ________

Please return by October 19, 2018